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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Top 07 interesting fact MTT Y2K fastest bike of world

Friends you are mostly search on internet Top 07 interesting facts MTT Y2K fastest bike of world in 2018? So, MTT (Marine Turbine Technology) Y2K the expensive rapid bike of the earth in 2016 and also talking about this bike facts and performance. Many drag racers want those fastest motorcycle who achieve 0-60 mph in 4.0 sec or less. If you ride on this flash cycle Y2K you feeling to yourself driving look like a Bugatti Veyron, Their is no difference between Bugatti Veyron and Y2K street fighter in speed limit.

(1). This motorcycle mostly known as Y2K Superbike because it contain Rolls Royce-Allison-250 Turbine Engine, It is mostly found in helicopters.  

(2). This bike enclose 34 litter fuel tank and does not need jet fuel to move, Y2K use combustible like Biogas, Diesel and Kerosene.

(3). This street fighter engine bring about 320 Horse power @ 52,000 RPM and rated to 420 Bhp its turboshaft engine on this bike run the rear wheel along 2 speed semi automatic transmission.

(4). Super bike production is not regular because each y2k bike can be hand made afterward collecting the payment, It is a most expensive bike in the world and its cost near about 1 crore Rupee in Indian currency and 175,000 US$.

(5). This superbike is capable to gain 0 to 200 mph in 5.4 sec. Just in  15 sec top speed of this flash bike is more than 400-Km/h or ( 250 mph ).

(6). The turbine motorcycle  on discovery channel show the rank 4th greatest bike, That clutched  in Guinness World Record of the world fastest production of motorcycle.     

(7). In weight this bike is less than 30 kg as compare to Suzuki Hayabusa because the bike frame are made by Aluminium alloy frame, carbon fiber fairing.