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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Top 10 Interesting facts about Sophia robot

Top 10 Interesting facts about Sophia robot first non-human citizenship of Saudi Arabia, It determine to display current mankind interface technology. In 2017 it has been first robot to obtain the nationality of any country of the world. Bot are the present age of science, The effect of scientific are great changed our way of life with the help of machine. Today bots impossible things of the past have become possible. The Sophia robots are physical active device that performs a following capabilities and task like wise human beings.
It has been design with cooperation of Artificial Intelligence, to determine complicated global bad situation which can be handled by themselves. The AI plan examination and determination dialogue and something condensed from whole that acknowledge to become better reaction expected in future. So, friends we are introduce to you top 10 interesting facts about sophia robot.

(01). Sophia is the first movement machine of the globe, To achieve the nationality of any nation of the world's in 2017. It has a rights and freedom like as other peoples of the planet.

(02). In present time she is the treasured icon of media and has given several press conference, In a musical performance she has sung and even a photo of that concert of it was appeared on the cover of the Eill magazine.

(03). She is capable to performing several of face expression such as eyebrows up down, Smile, Angry, shocking etc. In 2018 it is successfully active of legs and able to move anywhere.

(04). She is like a humanoid designed by Dr. David Hanson who is the establishes an the institution of Hanson Robotics.

(05). In records of top 10 robots, Sophia's achievement at the position of No. 01 rank of the globe in present time.

(06). It has been designed following in position or time Audrey Hepburn and she smartly is able to answer the question asked by the peoples.

(07). Sophia's judgment software has been invention by Singularity NET.

(08). She is more interested in business zone and has met up with directors of other industries such as Media, Banking, entertainment etc.

(09). It also has came into view on stage as a committee member and contributor in great level of seminar.

(10).  Last one of the amazing fact about Sophia appear does not like humans. In interview her creator once an asked to it you want destroy human beings? She say clearly I want destroy human.

So, readers how would like Sophia robot please write yours comments.        


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