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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Top 10 Greatest Inventions Of All Time

You want to knowing about top 10 greatest inventions of all time, these greatest inventions that change the world. Science and technology change way of life on earth. The impossible things of the past have become possible today due these inventions. Since the human beings have been born, man has made many inventions to fulfill his needs. There are lot of inventions in the world, but today we will talk about those which changed our life.

As you know that we can travel thousand of kilometres on the sea or on the land within a few day and hours with all comforts, we can travel much faster now than in the past. So, readers now we start our countdown and show you top 10 greatest inventions that changed the world and also talking about their inventors.

10. Electric Bulb

First of all we are talking about one of the greatest inventions that changed the world. Electric bulb has made a great impact on our life. To say the light bulb, many scientist had practically made them, But the Thomas Edison was the first person to succeed in this practical. The work we could not doing in the night can do today. Our works does not makes any difference because of the night. Because of the brightness of the bulb, we can do more and more work in the night with ease.

09. Airplane

Now we are talking about one of the fastest means of transport is Airplane. This is greatest inventions of all time. In 1903 Wright brothers discovered and flew the first airplane. Today we can travel very easily, In earlier there was take a lot of time to go from one place to another. But, since the invention of the airplane has made the journey easier, in few hour you can come from one country to another.

08. Television

At the position of No. 08 in our countdown of greatest inventions of all time, we are talking about one of the most way of entertainment is Television. Many people has been part of this discovery. It is a electronic device which can produce moving image on screen and sound. This has become a very important part of our life. It provide the news, various kinds of programmes, music and information. According to one figure, 80% of the world's people have Televisions.

07. Printing Press

Printing press is on No. 07 in our collection of greatest inventions that changed the world. During the 14th century printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg. In earlier any document was copied by hands. After the discovery of the printing press, revolution started in the world. This one of the most valuable machine that prints books, documents, newspapers, bills, etc.

06. Internet

Now we are talking about Internet, it is a greatest inventions of all time. It was developed by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf in 1970s. In present when you want to knowing anything first you take the help of Internet. Today peoples of the world use this, it is no less than a marvels to the people of this globe. Businesses around the planet today are running through Internet such as online banking, e-billing, e-newspapers, social networking, online shoping, entertainment, etc. 47% people of the world are use Internet.

05. Telephone

Now we are talking about device means of transmission of sound is telephone. It was invented by Antonio Meucci in 1854, but it has been developed by Alexander Graham Bell. It is most wonderful device we can produce sound over conducting wires at a great distance just in second. You can talk to your brother and sister in another country with help of telephone. Today most people are use the telephones. Today telephones has become important for us, for this reason this is the greatest inventions of all time. 

04. Computer

At number 04 we discussing about the computer, It is a device that can be command to carry out chain logical operation automatically. After the discovery of computer, its demand has been increased day by day. And with that the designed of the computer has changed such as smartphones, microcomputer, workstation, P.C, laptop, minicomputer, etc. Today the computer has become the brainchild of the world. Most of the work today is done with the help of computer.

03. Paper

Paper is a material that is used for writing something. It is invented around 100 B.C in China. This is big discovery that changed the world. When the paper was not invented, people used to write on the tree bark. Today you see that paper is used everywhere in the world. Paper is used for many purpose such as writing, printing, books, making currencies, etc.

02. Electricity

Science has given many boon to mankind, electricity is one of them. It is one of the most important innovation of this globe. There is no official record of who has discover the electricity. Benjamin Franklin was the first men who experiment on electricity. Electricity is very important to us. It is helping to running our heavy machines in mills and factories. The boon of electricity is the innovation of electric trains, T.V, computer, refrigerator, electric bulb, etc. We live in the age of electricity, and so it is difficult to count all the boons of electricity.

01. Fire 

At last we are going to discussing on Fire, It is the greatest inventions of all time. It is difficult to tell that the person who discovered the fire, But on the basis of some documents, we can say that two million year ago the human species named Homo had to control fire. In earlier it is the most important tool for human which is used for cooking, protection, warmth, etc. Because of this, the most changed came as we cooked the food. Fire is just an important for us as air and water.   

So, Readers this the list of top 10 greatest inventions of all time. Are you agree with these greatest inventions that changed the world. If you want to asking any question please write your comments.                                

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