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Top 10 Times is a countdown magazine which provide you top 10 collection of any thing such as sports, technology,entertainment,trending,business,interesting facts,expansive,construction,etc.



Welcome to Top 10 Times. It is a countdown online magazine, It is great stage and  report in which aim to the reader provide with information this is a website on which we share the best article list top 10 collections which holds the relation like wise Technology, Sports, Trending, Business, Mysteries, Entertainment, Interesting Facts, Fastest, Construction, Expansive Etc. 

Incorrect collection news is not valuable for knowledge. But our website ensure and update that all the material. The top 10 times magazine is different from other magazine, Its distribution is big to world. Our articles are free from politics. It has many things for the interest of public.     

About Founder,

Hello! friends and thanks for visiting on my countdown blog. I am the boy who behind the Top 10 Times. My name is Faraz Ahmad Khan ( Founder )  . I completed my Higher education at ( S.T.S High School ) and passed Intermediate Exam From ( ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY  ). I am beginner Web developer, Writer, Advertising specialist and Freelancer.       

My aim of this blog to entertain the peoples. I created to this blog to show of my passion, The top 10 collection of anything I like to collect anything and make update countdown. If you like our work , Then you must share this site with your friends circle on social media. If possible, tell other people about it. So, that they can get information about them too.

When i came on this stream I did not know about blogging but know I've learned a lot. I want advise to all who are using social media, Blogging is best for Learning and sharing their ideas to internet.    

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