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Top 10 Times is a countdown magazine which provide you top 10 collection of any thing such as sports, technology,entertainment,trending,business,interesting facts,expansive,construction,etc.


Privacy Policy

Welcome to TOP 10 TIMES Privacy Policy

What we share on this website and what you will find on this website. Our privacy policy will help you to understand our website. If you use our website, Then you have follow our privacy policy. If you do not follow the rules of our website properly, we will block you from the full authority.

What we share information on this website

1. First of all on this website we share you Top 10 collection countdown which provide you best list of top 10 of the anything.
2. We provide you top 10 list which are related to Technology, Sports, Fastest, Expansive, Entertainment, Trending, Interesting Facts, Construction etc.

How to use Top 10 Times

1. You can not any bad comment on Top 10 Times.
2. Submit only comment on our site connected to our post. If you want to ask question then you can post in comment form.
3. Never use the wrong word in comments.
4. You can not do wrong with us our any website visitor.
5. If you have any complaint from us or our website, Then you send direct message to the Contact Us.

What we can do when if you breaking privacy policy

Our website is a service of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc, You can comment on our website from Gmail, Hotmail and Wordpress ID only. If you break the laws of our website then we can also submit the report of you on Google. If you do this your email account may be blocked.

1. We can delete your comments on our site.
2. You can blocked from Top 10 Times.
3. You will not able to come on our website in future, On our block.

All Rights Reserved

We have the rightful to block, Delete, Spam your comments. So, we hope you will not at any time break the privacy protocol of our website.

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